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$88 per domain! Comes with a signed appraisal certificate!

We only appraise .Com extension domain names.

Three of the world's best domain appraisers will appraise your domain and you will receive the average.


Expert Appraisals LLC is the world's only truly valid domain name appraisal service. You can take that to the bank! Three out of ten of the world's very top domain appraiser/dealers will independently appraise each of your domain names carefully, using the very best modern tools and ideas, to do their very best to suggest fair market value prices. No competitor has a valid domain appraisal system that comes close in accuracy to ours.

Accuracy System

To make absolutely sure we get it right, we will provide you with the average price ascertained from these three independent appraisals and place it on your signed appraisal certificate. Our proprietary methodologies remove any accidental biases of any one appraisal or appraiser (or bot) that still exists at our competitors. Our competitors can not provide you with an accurate appraisal for high end .Com domain names!

Certified Value will always undisputedly offer the most accurate possible domain appraisals for every purpose. And every domain comes with a valid certificate; so you can always prove your domain's value to any potential buyers, sellers, accountants, lawyers, courts, investors, domain brokers, boards of directors, Wall Street, or family members; everyone. 

Only $88 per domain

What a deal! At our competitors it often costs $500 for one potentially untrained person to
appraise just one domain. Sometimes competitors even use bots to appraise domains, which is the financial equivalent of letting a GPS take you over the Grand Canyon cliff. 

Domain Valuation Info

Most domains have no value. We are looking for the exceptions, to help ascertain their realistic valuations, leveraging the tools and skills of the world's most experienced domain appraisers.

There can be no "correct" domain valuation. The only way to get a good, fair, realistic valuation that everyone can count on is to use multiple top appraisers to reach an average/consensus valuation. And there are only a couple dozen people in the world qualified for this high level domain appraisal work in the first place; able to create realistic appraisals using best practices methodologies.

We only appraise .Com domains. .Com is by far the best and most likely domain extension to have value now or in the future.

Appraisal Value Factors

You will find relatively higher appraisal values from domains that incude:

Previous Value

Domains that were bought on auction or previously appraised

High Traffic

Domains that have or had websites with significant “type-in” traffic


Domains that have received offers for purchase

Other Reasons

Domains that you believe have value for other valid reasons

If you are trying to sell your domain you should consider up to doubling the list price above your appraisal, to give yourself plenty of room for the negotiating process that many buyers attempt.

You can provide as little or as much information as you want before we start appraising your names.

If your domain never had value in the past, then it is unlikely to have any value in the future, but there are many exceptions. For example, if you invented the domain by yourself in the recent past it is unlikely to have significant resale value now or ever. Whereas if you bought it on auction, or it once had a web site, or has a lot of "type-in" traffic, or has been appraised by other professionals, or you have had several decent offers, or if you have other ways of explaining why it has value, then it likely does in fact have resale value. Get it appraised to figure out precisely what that value is.

Exceptional .Com domains have been going up in value; we hope and expect that trend to continue for the immediate future.

Unlike normal markets and industries, the very best professionals who appraise domains often vary widely on their appraisal valuations, which is another reason our system of three professionals is the only method that is always fair, without the risk of the huge biases that all of our competitors have. And to reiterate, nothing could be more unrealistic than pricing your domain based on any bot that is currently in the marketplace; they are just random numbers spitting out for now; not valid appraisals; and therefore they are actually counterproductive, confusing people and ultimately corrupting what should be a clear open market with fairly, properly appraised prices, within a truly valid system, like our own.

We welcome your feedback.


Michael F. Mann, President